Single Board Computers


This article is about my thoughts about single board computers that can be used to run GNU/Linux distributions. There are many various ones available on the market but all of them have different specifications. Also there are a lot of GNU/Linux distribution development teams that are supporting them by creating the root filesystem for the systems and providing packages that are built specifically for the platform and therefore are optimised.

Therefore having a single board computer can develop individuals’ skills by starting to learning some programming languages. They are also relatively cheap and therefore a lot of individuals are able to purchase them without having a desktop or laptop.

It can also be used as a hobbyist's system by using it as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) or by creating a project on it for example a DIY CCTV system or Doorbell etc. These board are also better being energy efficient and therefore using it as a NAS can lower the cost of electricity bills, instead of using a larger system that demands more power.


Therefore I recommend anyone with knowledge of computers or technology to have a go of a single board computer and try to start a project or start learning different programming languages on it.

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