How To Create a Multiboot USB


This article is about how to create a multiboot USB drive with Easy2Boot. It allows multiple ISOs to be added to a USB drive, then they can booted from by just copying them over. Easy2Boot also allows supports a variety of Linux distributions with persistence.


  • Download the 7z archive of Easy2Boot.
  • Extract the content of the archive to an empty folder.
  • Run the Make_E2B_USB_DRIVE (run as admin).cmd script in the empty folder.
  • Copy ISOs to the dedicated folders e.g. Windows, Linux and/or Rescue Discs. For example:
    • Copy Linux ISOs to the _ISO\LINUX folder.
    • Copy specific Windows Installer ISOs to the correct folder in the _ISO\WINDOWS\ folder.
    • Copy Antivirus ISOs to the _ISO\ANTIVIRUS folder etc.
  • Run the \MAKE_THIS_DRIVE_CONTIGUOUS.cmd script from the Easy2Boot USB drive after all the files have been copied over, run WinContig.exe.
  • Now the USB drive is ready and can be customised. To test that it boots to the Easy2Boot menu, just run the \QEMU_MENU_TEST (run as admin).cmd script from the Easy2Boot USB drive.

The creator of Easy2Boot has a YouTube channel that he usually uploads tutorial videos to about Easy2Boot. I highly recommend to visit the channel to get ideas on what you can do with the Easy2Boot USB drive. I have included a link to the YouTube channel in the links section of this article.


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