Computer Building Tips


This article is about a few computer building tips that I found out about while building my personal computer and thought I would share with everyone. Also these tips will be updated as soon as I know more tips because there might be more computers to build and a lot more tips could be learnt.


  • Always make sure that the computer components and case are compatible.
  • Make sure you are on budget for all of the components.
  • Make sure that there is space in the case for the components.
  • Make sure you have cable ties for good cable management.
  • Make sure that the personal computer boots up first before putting the side of the case on, so if there are any problems. They can be fixed easily and quickly.

However I would also recommend to try research more on the prices because when I bought all my computer components, I found places that were not listed might be cheaper.


If you need any advice or comments about this article, please email me at Thanks.

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